Kelly Baez, PhD, LPC

Trauma Recovery Specialist


Hi, I’m Kelly, a Licensed Professional Counselor with specialized expertise in supporting diverse communities, including Veterans, First Responders, individuals navigating post-stroke depression and aphasia, and anyone else who has been affected by trauma and major life changes. In my practice, I offer a compassionate space for those grappling with unique challenges, whether it’s the aftermath of trauma, communication difficulties, or the complexities of narcissistic abuse survival.

Finding the right counselor can be daunting. Many of my clients have felt unheard or misunderstood in the past, fearing judgment or a lack of empathy. Some struggle with aphasia or communication issues, only to be met with limited treatment options. If any of this sounds familiar, let me assure you, you’re in the right place. With advanced training in EMDR and 17 years of experience,  I know how to help you recover.

My approach is rooted in active listening and tailored support, acknowledging the multifaceted nature of each person’s journey and offering holistic strategies for healing and growth.


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I help clients with:

  • PTSD

A good fit between client and clinician is essential to the success of counseling so let’s set up a 20 minute consultation to make sure that working together feels like a good fit for you. There’s no cost for an initial consult and definitely no pressure.

Contact me here to get the ball rolling.

You don’t have to figure healing on your own. Isn’t it time to get started with feeling better?

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