Kelly Baez, PhD, LPC

Trauma Recovery Specialist

Additional EI Assessments

Additional EQ-i Assessment Options

Group Assessments

Used when an organization wishes to work on team-level strategies as it enables discussion around team-level implications of EI. The Group Report combines the EQ-i 2.0 scores of individuals in a manner that enables interpretation at the group or team level. This report provides the participants’ individual scores while maintaining their anonymity. An overview that identifies group strengths, as well as areas where the group can be more effective, is presented. Implications at an organizational level are examined and strategies for action that can further develop the group’s potential are recommended.

Specific applications for this report are:

  • Providing group or team feedback on EQ-i 2.0 results
  • Team building
  • Improving group dynamics
  • Providing an organizational summary or report of an EQ-i 2.0 program

Leadership 360

This multi-rater report also helps you to view your scores through a leadership lens, as well as help you understand how others see you as a leader.

Key Features:

  • Identifies blind spots, allied strengths, and developmental opportunities
  • Easily highlight where other raters agreed with the your assessment and where they did not
  • Easy to administer – even if your team works remotely
  • Each summary is interpreted from two different perspectives

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