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Hardiness Resilience Gauge

The Hardiness Resilience Gauge provides insight into a person’s ability to cope with stressful or unexpected situations.

Scientifically proven for validity and reliability and backed by over 30 years of research, the HRG is used throughout the world to help people cultivate characteristics of resilience in both their professional life as well as their personal life.

Your assessment answers and results will be held in the strictest confidence. Your report will be made available to you and the only other person who will see your results will be Kelly Morrow Baez, PhD. Following your assessment, you will be invited to book a one-on-one feedback and coaching conversation with her about your results. This conversation will be scheduled for 30-45 minutes and, just like your results, it will be completely confidential.

The HRG focuses on the three C’s – Challenge, Control, Commitment. These three C’s of Hardiness represent the key qualities that people high in hardiness possess.

More specifically, they believe they have control over the events they experience, they commit to seeing the world as meaningful and interesting, and they view challenges and change as growth opportunities.​ In addition to the total hardiness score, you will get insights on these key characteristics of hardiness and how well they are balanced.

Unlike personality type, which is fixed, these characteristics can be developed so that you can efficiently and strategically improve your ability to cope with stress and change.

Additionally, leaders who cultivate characteristics of hardiness in themselves have more cohesive and more resilient teams.

Fee: $199

Includes: HRG Assessment, HRG Report (Results), 1-hour debrief by phone or video.

To take the HRG Assessment:

  1. Please complete your contact information and send it to us.
  2. Once submitted, we will send you a link to take the HRG assessment.
  3. Once you have completed the assessment (about 10-15 minutes to complete), we will reach out to you to schedule your debrief and collect payment.
  4. We will send you your results within 24 hours of your scheduled debrief.

Additional HRG Options

Group Debrief (half-day workshop)

With this option, the team can take their HRG individually then schedule a workshop to learn more about hardiness skills and discover what their results mean. Discussion and activities are generalized, no one will be asked to share their personals scores.

Workshop can be done live or remotely.

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