Kelly Baez, PhD, LPC

Trauma Recovery Specialist

Critical Incident Response

The goal of a  Critical Incident Response is to manage high emotions that make functioning nearly impossible. For example, if a person loses their home in a tornado and they are too distraught to speak, they are going to have a hard time doing the next steps to recover. The ASSYST protocol is most often used where the goal is to stabilize.

Please note, this is not processing in a therapy sense, but is a research-backed way to help a person reduce strong emotions that are caused by a catastrophic or disturbing event.  Intervention with the ASSYST protocol reduces the likelihood of developing PTSD. For most people, this protocol is enough to process disturbing experiences and feel better, while some people (about 10%) might need additional support. I am happy to provide that as necessary for continuity of care if the client is in GA or FL, and assist with referrals for anyone outside of those states.

Examples of situations where this can be helpful:
First Responders:
  • Involved in a shooting or accident
  • Witness to harm to/death of a child
  • Mass casualty events
Business Owners
  • Where an employee has been harmed by a customer
  • Catastrophic event on site such as a construction injury or someone being badly burned
  • Car crashes into a business, scaring and/or injuring employees
Medical Facilities:
  • A belligerent patient or family member has harmed or scared an employee/provider
  • Moral Injury
  • Overwhelm caused by mass casualty events

These services can be provided to individuals (online only), or groups, on-site within 100 miles of Columbus, GA or online. Online can be helpful if it is difficult to gather the group in a location away from the site where the event occurred.  We can provide Critical Incident Response anywhere within the US.

Please contact us to connect – I’m happy to talk with you about our services before something occurs so that you’re ready if the worst happens.


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