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12 weeks · Most Insurances Accepted · Small Group Size

Resilience and Renewal Group

Are you a woman who has survived an abusive relationship (or working to get out of one) and is seeking a supportive community to aid in your healing journey? Welcome to the Resilience and Renewal Group – a safe and empowering online counseling group for women like you to find solace, process trauma, and build strength together.

Some of the topics we cover:

  • cycle of abuse
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • boundaries
  • self-care
  • healthy relationships

You’ll also have space to delve deeper into your experiences, emotions, and reactions. Guided by trauma-informed techniques and evidence-based practices, we facilitate a gentle and compassionate exploration of your trauma, helping you release emotional burdens and reclaim your power.

By participating in the Resilience and Renewal Group, you’ll benefit from the collective wisdom, empathy, and encouragement of your fellow group members as you move towards a brighter future.

If you’re ready to join a community of courageous women on the path to healing and growth, I invite you to reserve your spot in our Trauma Recovery Group. Spaces are limited, so contact us today to secure your place and take the next step in your journey of reclaiming your life.


Gray Drinking Recovery Group

Concerned about how much you’re drinking?

Join us in the Gray Drinking Recovery Group!

This is a safe and supportive online counseling group for people who don’t meet the criteria for alcoholism but are routinely drinking more than the recommended one drink per day or less.

Signs you may be a Gray Area Drinker:

Have you ever googled your concerns about drinking? Such as…

  • Am I an alcoholic? 
  • How much alcohol is too much?
  • How to take a break from alcohol
  • What happens when you drink alcohol everyday?

Other signs of gray area drinking include: 

  • Typically drinking more than intended.
  • Worrying if your alcohol intake is appropriate.
  • Letting alcohol mute your feelings or ability to reach goals. 
  • Experiencing negative, but not life altering, consequences from alcohol use. 
  • Pausing on drinking alcohol for a little while, then jumping back in to “have some fun.”
Some of the topics we cover:
  • How to cope with the Mom-Wine (or Dad-Beer) culture
  • Evidence-based skills to heal anxiety, depression, & PTSD
  • How to manage burnout, overwhelm, and loneliness
  • Secrets to setting boundaries that stick
  • SOS strategies to keep goals on track when life gets crazy

Frontline Resilience: Trauma recovery and stress management for First Responders (Coming in January)

Reducing stress is lovely, but when you’re a First Responder, the key to avoiding burnout is to get better at stress. This 12 week group just for First Responders will guide you in doing just that, while at the same time holding space to process disturbing experiences that can drain your energy. We also make time in each group for anyone who needs it to debrief and receive support.

Some of the topics we cover:
  • What happens to your body and brain when you embrace stress (hint: it’s actually a good thing!)
  • Emotional processing techniques you can do anywhere
  • Strategies to keep trauma from becoming PTSD
  • The 3 R’s of resilience training


Group Details (applies to all groups):
  • Meets weekly
  • Groups run for 12 weeks, start at any time
  • 90 minutes
  • Online by Zoom
  • Fee: $75 per session (most insurances accepted)
  • Limited to 10 participants

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