Kelly Baez, PhD, LPC

Counseling & Leadership Coaching

Leadership Group for Women

You’re Invited!

This mastermind group is a safe space for women who are recovering from toxic relationships and are determined to rebuild their lives with strength, confidence, and self-assurance.

As a trauma-informed therapist and leadership coach, I understand that toxic relationships can leave lasting scars, making it challenging to reconnect with your true power and potential. But remember, within you lies the same resilient, capable woman who once thrived. Together, we will embark on a transformative journey of healing and growth through the lens of leadership development.

  • Small group size – 12 participants max!
  • unwavering support, empathy, and understanding from a community of women who have experienced similar struggles.
  • Leadership skills to support your success in every aspect of your life
  • Optional homework to support the topics discussed in group

Our primary focus is empowering you to reclaim your sense of leadership. We believe that by nurturing your leadership skills, you can confidently navigate the path to recovery and create a brighter future for yourself and those you love.

In each 60 minute meeting, we will explore various aspects of leadership, personal growth, and self-development. Together, we will unlock your potential, reignite your passions, and rebuild a life that reflects your goals.

Success is the best revenge.

As you reclaim your power and rebuild your life, you will inspire others and prove that no toxic relationship can define your worth or hold you back.

Join Women’s Leadership Mastermind today and let’s rebuild, recover, and rise together. Your strength is waiting to be rediscovered and we are here for it.

Cost: $275/month

Time: 60 minutes per week by Zoom

Questions? Email us at

Participants receive 10% off EQ-i assessment!

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